Reality Star ‘New York’ Gets Ginormous Breasts and Suffers [VIDEO]

Reality Star 'New York' Gets Ginormous Breasts and Suffers-tiffany pollard-the jasmine brand

It’s a cold, cold world out here in these breast implant streets. Compliments of Tiffany Pollard (AKA New York), we now know the dangers of implants gone extremely wrong.

Tiffany — who stared in popular reality shows like VH1’s “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York” — took her talents to another reality show, appearing on the season 2 premiere of “Botched“. The E! reality series, which aired last night, follows celeb with plastic surgery problems, and their attempts to get cosmetic work fixed. (Think Iyanla Fix My Life, the cosmetic surgery remix).

In this particular episode, Tiffany shared extremely disfigured implants. Apparently, Tiffany got implants back while competing for Flavor Flav’s love, because she considered herself ‘flat chested’.