Amber Rose Wants Women To Stop Labeling Each Other THOTS & Whores + Why She’d NEVER Join ‘Fashion Police’

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Amber Rose is as transparent as it gets. Since her split from rapper Wiz Khalifa, the always in the headlines celeb has opened up about her failed marriage, why she maintains there’s not need to hide from her sexuality and her less than stellar past. This week, she took her talents to Kandi Burruss’ online show, Kandi Koated Knights, sharing even more about her love life or lack there off; what she likes in the bedroom; and how she felt when she found out Wiz was dating Deelishis. The self-proclaimed MILF, also goes in detail about her controversial “’ Slut walk”, sleeping with someone on the first night, why strippers are so confident and rumors she’s headed to E!’s Fashion Police. Check out a few excerpts below.

If she’s slept when any one on the first date:

Amber Rose: Every girl in here has. We all have done it. And this is the thing as women we need to stick together stop calling each other hoes, and thots and whores and stuff like that we have all done things that we are not necessarily proud of or we regret.

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Her Slut Walk Movement:

Amber Rose: I can tell you how it started. I didn’t invent the slut walk. It started in Toronto 2011 when a woman was assaulted and the police officer that was dealing with her case basically said if she wasn’t dressed like a slut. So these women came together and formed the slut walk. They basically dress like ‘’sluts’’ and write quotes you know on their bodies saying like basically with pasties and little shorts on and they are like, ‘look I still don’t want it’. I still don’t want you to touch me– I can dress however I want do dress. I can twerk I can dance. I can do what ever the hell I want. It doesn’t make me a whore. I am a woman. I am a sexual being. And I’m sick of double standards and men always having the upper hand. So this is a opportunity for us women to go and walk and protest and basically be like you know it’s ok; it’s ok to be a sexual being; it’s not ok to touch me when I don’t want you to touch me just because I have a short dress on. It’s not ok for you to slut shame me after the fact and I’m sick of it so I’m starting a movement and it’s going to be this summer. And you guys are invited. Men, if you wanna come you have to walk for your mom your sister your daughter, you know your cousin. Something happened to them and you’re not with it. You can come and walk also. Late summer. In LA that will be the first slut walk. Obviously I want to branch off and do New York, Miami, and Chicago.

Wiz Khlifa, wife Amber Rose and baby boy Sebastian spotted at lunch in Calabasas

Co-parenting with estranged husband, Wiz Khalifa: 

Amber Rose: It’s going good! We both love our son so it’s easy. We both want to spend time with him, and we both work a lot. So when I’m working I’m out here Wiz has the baby and when he is works I have the baby.’

What makes dancers/strippers so attractive to men: 


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