Celebrities Pay Homage On Tupac’s 44th Birthday: Chris Brown, Willow Smith, Ice Cube, Jhene Aiko, Snoop, Keyshia Cole [Photos]

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He’s gone, but will never be forgotten. Yesterday (June 16th), was the birthday of the late rapper Tupac Shakur’s 44th birthday. As you know, Tupac dominated the 90’s hip hop scene with his hit singles, the uplifting anthem, “Keep Ya Head Up”, “Dear Mama”, “I Get Around” and he was also an actor as he appeared in movies like Juice, Above The Rim and Poetic Justice. His mother Afeni Shakur was a former Black Panther. He was gunned down in Las Vegas Nevada on September 7, 1996 at the age of 25 and the case was never solved.

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Singer Jhene Aiko did a recent photoshoot, inspired by the late rapper. On what inspired the shoot, she tells MTV:

I would say like a few years ago. It’s been a few years, but every birthday of his I always want to do something. I feel like I have to give his legacy some type of present. It started off, one time I did a video shoot where they spread his ashes. And it was a coincidence that I was there that day, we were all like, “Wait a minute, this is Tupac’s birthday and we’re here on the same beach.” So after that, it’s been several years since then and every year I want to do something. I wrote a letter one year, I put it on my tumblr. It’s a special day because to me he was such a special person, so this year it was just an idea that me and my team had and I’m passionate about Tupac so it was something and I was like, “Yeah.” It was just random, it just happened on the spot; it was a really good idea for his birthday.

See more celebs post Instagram messages, in honor of ‘Pac’s birthday.

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Check out a few celebrities paying homage to the late rapper, spreading love on Instagram.Check out a few celebrities paying homage to the late rapper, spreading love on Instagram.

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