‘Save By the Bell’ Star Lark Voorhies Defends Marriage & Mental State [VIDEO]

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Saved by the Bell star Lark Voorhies and her husband, music producer and former gang member Jimmy Green, open up to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier about their quickie marriage and the restraining order that Lark’s mother Patricia requested against her son-in-law along with Lark’s mental state.

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As previously reported, Patricia Voorhies (Lark’s mother) filed a restraining order against Jimmy Green, saying that she lives in constant fear of him that he might “cause her physical harm.” Patricia has also expressed concerns that he might be taking advantage of her daughter. The restraining order explains that Lark lives with her mother and that Green has been staying with them since their wedding in April. In 2012, Patricia told People that her daughter had been diagnosed as bipolar.

Check out a few quotes from this very interesting and very confusing interview by Lark and her husband below:

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If her mother’s concern of her husband is taking advantage of her is valid:

Did she call you before I got here? No he is not we are selectively together for all the right reasons.

If Lark is bi-polar or has ever been:

No I have always been mentally healthy. 100 percent stable . I had a sweep of textbook clinical depression in the remove of her first marriage (to Miguel Coleman, which ended in 2004)”that’s basically all it’s been.