Meek Mill Says The Union Of ‘Omeeka’ Makes N*ggas Want to Have Girlfriends [VIDEO]

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Meek Mill dropped by The Breakfast Club this week to promote his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. His latest album was released to critical and commercial praise, selling over 200,000 copies and will enter the Billboard charts at number one, which will make it the first number one album for the Philly rapper.  The Breakfast Club hit Meek with the questions everyone wants to know, his true thoughts on former Love & Hip Hop New York star, Joe Budden and of course his new album.

Joe Budden is corny as sh*t. And has always been corny as sh*t. And always commenting on sh*t and ain’t never did sh*t. First of all, don’t be on no podcast commentin’ I’m cool, you not cool. You can’t tell me what people want to see about me. I make n****s want to have girlfriends. You make n****s not want to have girlfriends cause you did it wrong.

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