Michael B Jordan On Fame, Marriage & Working With Bill Cosby

Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan

Sex-appeal, confidence, and humble are just a few words to describe Michael B. Jordan in this week’s article in “DuJour” Magazine. In the interview, the 28-year-old, actor talks about how his new found stardom is sometimes unreal, how his parents are his relationship role models, and even with his new blockbuster movie “Fantastic Four” coming out this weekend, how he remains humble when everyone else around him seems to be changing. Check out some of our favorite excerpts:

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On how seeing his self on billboards is still surreal:

It was me, right there on a bus stop! It was the coolest sh*t ever. It was like wow… that’s pretty f*cking cool.

On how Bill Cosby inspired and taught him about dedication on one of his acting jobs at 12- years-old:

He commanded that set; that was his show. He demanded a professionalism from everyone.

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In one instance, Jordan recalls, Cosby helped him learn to embody his character.

He gave me a tick. Jordan says. “[He said], ‘You care about YOUR hair. You love your hair. You brush your hair nonstop all day. That’s what you do.’ And I was like ‘alright, got it.’ So I brushed my hair. And you’re shooting this thing for hours. Imagine brushing your hair until your scalp is raw.