SWV Releases ‘Ain’t No Man’ [New Music]



R&B music is here to stay! And SWV is here to usher in new music. The trio –Coko (Cheryl Gamble), Lelee (Leanne Lyons) and Taj (Tamara Johnson)–have returned premiering their new single, “Ain’t No Man” and it is the first single off their comeback untitled album. As you know, the group dominated the 90’s with their music and disbanded in 1998. They’ve returned with new music (and their We reality show), singing about a man that treats them very well. On the track, they sing:

It’s like you come alive when you hear their voice
No, your heart doesn’t have a choice
And I’ve had my share of boys and you know like I know Ain’t nothin like a man.


Take a listen below.

Currently, SWV is gearing up for their upcoming album that will be released October 30th. P.S. What do we think of the track?

By -@ms_hip_hop

Authored by: TJB Writer