[VIDEO] SWV’s LeeLee Says She Contemplated Suicide After Group Broke Up

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It’s no secret, since their break-up, the popular trio SWV (with members Cheryl ‘Coko’ Clemons, Leanene ‘Lelee’ Lyons and Tamara ‘Taj’ George) has had some challenging times. Last week, Taj shared that she’d been in two abusive relationships, before marrying her husband. She explained:

Domestic violence, or violence, or an abuse, they come in all different kind of forms because my first boyfriend was physically abusive [and] the boyfriend after that was mentally abusive. He would tell me, ‘You’re fat! You don’t look right!‘ …and I would just strip down to the bone; whatever he needed. He told me I was fat. I lost 30 pounds.

LeeLee’s journey hasn’t been much easier.

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This week, while doing an appearance on Bethenny, she shared that she almost committed suicide, suffering what she considers depression, after the group broke up. She said:

I was very depressed. I mean I got to the point where I was just going to end my life. It was that bad. If I couldn’t have, what I had before, if I couldn’t have SWV and be who I was, as the world knew me as, I wanted to die.

She was never clinically diagnosed, but is confident that something within her wasn’t right.

I really believe, I mean, I can’t self diagnose myself but something was d*mn wrong with me.

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LeeLee says that her aha moment, happened in a hotel room, when she realized that she only have $150 to her name. She credits her sister and ‘spirit’ for saving her life:

I was at the Marriott Marquee on 42nd Street and umm, I was up to my last $150. I was like, ‘Damn, I can’t afford to be in here another night. So, I called my sister, one of  my sisters and she didn’t answer the phone. I called my other sister. It was no conversation. This is how the spirit works. I’m telling you because, all she said was, ‘Just come home.’ And we just was crying. I went in that hotel, looked in the mirror and I just cried. I’m like, ‘What were you thinking?’

She continued

Had she not answered that phone, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

She also recalls spending nights in her car, telling Bethenny:

Yeah, I had some nights, some very cold nights in my car yeah.

Check out the segment below, along with SWV’s thoughts on plastic surgery (LeeLee actually got a butt lift) and pop stars hitting rock bottom.

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