NBA’s Matt Barnes Insists He’s Too Grown To Lie About Rihanna

Rihanna-Denies Dating Matt Barnes-the jasmine brand

Matt Barnes is speaking out, a week after rumors swirled that he lied about being involved or at least in communications with Rihanna. As you’ll recall, during an interview with TMZ, the Memphis Grizzlies player said that the pair’s friendship had blossomed into a ‘crush’ stage. The pop star disputed this, posting the Instagram message below.


Fast forward to the present day and Matt didn’t back down from his comments about Rihanna when discussing the situation with The Jim Rome Show. He stated:

You live and you learn. When you’re in a situation like this and, you know, you just learn. You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously. But the way I’m putting it right now, I’m too grown to lie, you know what I mean. It is what it is, I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by.


Authored by: Kellie Williams