Samuel L. Jackson & Quentin Tarantino Are Back At It Again With, The Hateful Eight

The man has done so many movies — including three Star Wars prequels and his nine-picture deal with Marvel as super-spy Nick Fury — that Guinness World Records lists him as the highest-grossing actor of all time. When it is said that he doesn’t have to worry about money anymore, he scoffs.

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He says:

Those grosses belong to studios and producers. Everybody worries about money, except for billionaire people. There’s no b in my money.

He also seems to be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. This year alone, Jackson has shot The Hateful Eight; reshoots for Tarzan; Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; and Spike Lee’s Chiraq, a hip-hop retelling of Lysistrata.

Despite all of his different projects, Jackson continues to be the leading man in Tarantino’s life.

Jackson remembers the exact moment he met Quentin, because, well, it’s hard to forget the motherf*cker who screwed up your audition for Reservoir Dogs.

“It feels, to me, that Quentin’s leading man is Sam,” says Tim Roth, an original Reservoir Dog and a member of The Hateful Eight. “And I think that’s an extraordinary circumstance, for a white man, however talented, to be able to write for a leading man, a black actor, and give him such a range of roles.” We will stay tuned as this unlikely friendship continues to develop. [Vulture]

By – Jamie Drew

Authored by: Kellie Williams