Jordin Sparks On Mariah Carey Comparisons & Being Called ‘Wife’ By Sage the Gemini

 Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks

Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and American Idol season six winner, are just a few things that describe the super talented, beautiful Jordin Sparks. Recently, Jordin stopped by Power 105.1’s  The Breakfast Club’ for a very introspective interview, where she discussed everything from her successful music career, the new found love and possible marriage, along with rumored baby mama drama. Peep the excerpts below.

On her latest album Right Here, Right Now:

I was trying to figure out how to symbolize Right Here, Right Now and try to be a woman and strong, being beautiful in the elements, “Earth, Wind & Fire”.

Being compared to Mariah Carey:

[That’s] the biggest compliment ever, my mom was listening to Mariah when she was pregnant with me, so I feel like she has been a part of my life, my entire life, I’ve listened to her my entire life, so there is a lot of her influence definitely in the way that I sing and what I like to hear.

OnThe meaning of her song “Work From Home”:

It’s like what if I can get paid from like just loving you, its my job to love you? It’s kind of like cater to you ( Song from Destiny’s Child Album) that’s where the influence came from I had been wanting to work with BOB for the past couple of years, so I was excited when he was like, ‘yeah’.

Jordin, Sage

Jordin, Sage

On boyfriend Sage the Gemini calling her his wife:

He is manifesting, which I think is sweet, we are enjoying each other I’m not in a rush, I think it’s a great thing. I don’t just date people if I don’t see it going anywhere, so if in a couple of years that happens, that will be great.

On the drama between her and Sage’s ex-girlfriend/baby mama:

My thing is, usually when stuff like that happens in any kind of context, usually that person is trying to get the attention, and for me I’m like why talk about it? That’s just giving them the attention they want. That was a couple months ago, she tried it.

On her new sound and signing with Salaam Remi’s new label:

He was finally the person that asked me what is it that I want to say, what do you want it to sound like, what do you want to do, And I hadn’t ever really been asked that in my career before.

Watch the full interview below.

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