Kim Kardashian Admits She Can’t ‘Babysit’ Kanye West [VIDEO]

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Kim Kardashian Admits She Can’t ‘Babysit’ Kanye West In ‘KUWTK’ Premiere

Is Kim Kardashian reaching her breaking point with Kanye West? It’s no secret West is extremely vocal about his opinions, no matter how controversial they might be. In the 16th season premiere of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian revealed her issues with West to her mother, Kris Jenner.

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It started with the drama surrounding rumors that West wasn’t supporting Donda’s House, a nonprofit in his hometown Chicago that West co-founded with Rhymefest, and named after his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

Rhymefest and Kanye West

In the episode, Kardashian takes her and West’s oldest child, North West, to Chicago to see West’s old stomping grounds.

To be able to go to Donda’s House, West reached out Rhymefest, who isn’t necessarily happy with him as Rhymefest accused West of abandoning the nonprofit and Chicago’s youth. Kardashian herself got involved and went on a social media spat with Rhymefest.

Kardashian later vented to her mom via Facetime about West’s fallen friendships with those like Rhymefest. 

“He lets all of his friends back in that publicly talk s*** about him. I can’t babysit him and figure out who’s f***ing him over today… It is so frustrating to me to just see him not care and let people walk all over him.

In one clip, she even tells West that she won’t allow certain people in his life.

Meanwhile, Rhymefest Kardashian and West were able to come to terms and end in peace.
Still, the drama between West and his wife might not be over as a possible relocation to Chicago looms. In a clip, West tells Kardashian that when he went back to visit the Windy City, he felt at home. Kardashian then tells her family that he’s thinking about moving back officially.

“Our whole life is in California. We have to talk about this.”

In another clip, Kardashian cries,

“Chicago might be my breaking point”

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Authored by: Char Patterson