Egypt Sherrod Lands ‘Flipping Virgins’ Spin-Off

In 2011, Egypt left her radio job in New York to host V-103 Atlanta mid-days slot, but two years later according to reports, she was fired from V-103.

egypt sherrod-cutting in the atl-the jasmine brand

She took it in good stride and looked at it as an opportunity to spend more time with her child and focus more on her then show HGTV Property Virgins, which was filmed in Atlanta. Egypt said that she does miss doing radio, but she loves the freedom of running her own business.

Every day I wake up, I face a new challenge, meet new people. I don’t feel pigeonholed or boxed in. One day I may go back, but right now it’s about television and my real estate business.

[Atlanta Journal Constitution]

By –OctaviaNakia

Authored by: Kellie Williams