Gabourey Sidibe & Russell Simmons Team Up For Prison Documentary

Russell Simmons

Simmons said in a statement:

We have a serious issue when it comes to the mass incarceration of young people in this country and All Def Digital and I are glad to be working with Fusion to spark a dialogue about it. We as a society need to look in the mirror and address this problem head on.

Gabourey Sidibe spotted in Los Angeles-the jasmine brand

Sidibe who will act as narrator for the documentary went on to say,

The juvenile justice system in this country is broken and most people are not aware of the impact it has on this kids caught up in it. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Fusion and help raise awareness about this problem, provoke necessary conversations and hopefully create some meaningful change.

YJAM, created by Tracy McClard, the mother of Johnathan McClard, 17, committed suicide after being charge as an adult. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Authored by: Kellie Williams