Rick Ross & Lira Galore Gush Over Their Engagement: That’s my baby, it’s official. [VIDEO]

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This week, the Maybach Music leader Rick Ross visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. The newly engaged rapper confirmed his engagement to urban model Lira Galore, and even brought her on for part of his interview. The pair briefly talked about their engagement, with Rozay admitting that his proposal wasn’t necessarily romantic:

There go the biggest ring in the store, ya dig…I ain’t get down on one knee…It was real cool…When the stars align, I done did around the world 8 times…I’m just going to that next level.

Ross also weighs in on the summer beef between Drake and Meek Mill his disdain for rapper/mogul Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and his legal drama. Peep a few excerpts from the interview below.

His weight loss:

I’m at like 270 right now. I lost like 80 pounds maybe.

If he’s still on house arrest:

Yeah, I’m still on home confinement. It’s kinda what Pablo did, ya dig? We got recording studios, you know the film team. We just make it do what it do.

If there’s a possibility that he may still go to jail:

I don’t talk like that, we rebuke that…Once we put this behind us, it will be a conversation we all will sit down and break down.

His feelings on 50 Cent:

I feel homie a shallow and weak dude.

His take on the Meek Mill vs Drake beef:

For me, my position, I think this is what’s good for the culture…You will have scrimmages going for that #1 spot….I really feel like they was two lil homies in high school on the way home for school and fought over a pay of J’s…For me, I really beef. I beef…That don’t represent what’s happening…Right now, Meek Mill he making some of the most powerful music he’s ever made…The next level. The small talk over with, what’s next?

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If he and Lira Galore are really engaged:

That’s my baby, it’s official.


Authored by: TJB Writer