Rapper D.R.A.M. Says Drake Jacked His Song For ‘Hotline Bling’

DRAM Says Drake Stole His Song-the jasmine brand

Rapper D.R.A.M. (a.k.a. Does Real A** Music) is none too pleased with Drake’s camp and is accusing the Toronto star of stealing his sound for his new hit, ‘Hotline Bling.

For those unfamiliar with D.R.A.M., he is a 26-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter from Virginia. His name made headlines earlier this year, when he got a major co-sign from Beyoncé for his internet hit, ‘Cha Cha.’ And according to D.R.A.M., Drake stole his sound from that song for ‘Hotline Bling.’ Ironically, Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video was released on Monday (yesterday), the same night that D.R.A.M. performed in Toronto, where Drizzy is from.


Authored by: TJB Writer