Rick Ross & Lira Galore Engagement Back On?! [Photos]

Rick Ross, Lira Galore

Rick Ross, Lira Galore

Love wins! Maybe. Rumor has it, that Rick Ross’ engagement to Lira Galore may be back on. As you know, earlier this month, there were multiple reports that the rapper and Instagram model had broken up and called off their engagement. In fact, it was widely reported that Ross had taken back his pricey engagement and moved Galore out of his Georgia mansion.

Lira Galore-Spotted Compound-the jasmine brand

As to what triggered their split, there have been no confirmed reports. However, there was some unconfirmed speculation that she had been intimate with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Galore swiftly addressed this rumor on Twitter:

Rick Ross-Lira Galore-the jasmine brand

While neither have confirmed the split, Ross did delete all photos of Galore and him from his Instagram account. So what’s the latest? Photos, via Galore’s snapchat, have surfaced showing that the two MAY be back together. [READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE.]

Authored by: Kellie Williams