[VIDEO] Lil Mama Says She Isn’t Mad At Charlamagne For Making Her Cry

Lil Mama Talks Crying Incident-The Jasmine Brand

I remember it like it was yesterday. Well not exactly, I’m being a bit dramatic here, but it was a very memorable moment for a celebrity guest on popular radio show, ‘The Breakfast Club’ (Power 105). Rapper Lil Mama was a guest on the show and the entertaining and sometimes rude Charlamagne the God had some not so nice things to say about the 24-year-old artist. In short, a few callers and hosts of the show, were brutally honest in sharing their opinion of her, so much so that she bursted into tears mid-interview. Relive the clip below (fast forward to the 9:25 mark).

Fast forward to the present day and Lil Mama has bounced back, earning accolades for her role in Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story. In an interview with VLAAD TV, she recounted that encounter with the radio personality, explaining why she was so emotional during the interview:

On why she cried on the Breakfast Club:

Yea, I think it’s very clear that I broke down. And being such a strong woman and being a person that’s always very resilient and flexible, I’m usually, you know…Coming from a family of mostly boys, I’m surrounded by brothers and my dad, you know and not having my mother. I’m very strong, I’m always the person that don’t want to cry or things like that. I found myself very vulnerable in an interview with somebody who wasn’t really for me. And breaking down at that time and speaking on my mother. And think I made myself very clear that I was crying because, you know… just thinking about my mother’s death. It’s very sensitive when you think about how hard you’re working in the industry, and when you lose something that’s very dear to you. Like that’s my mom. I’m her only daughter, and so you know it’s a hurtful feeling to experience and it’s an even more hurtful feeling to revisit. It’s tough.

On working it out with Charlamagne:

Bad feeling on my behalf, no. I’m forgiving, and I know…here’s the thing. There was never a bad feeling for me. You understand what I’m saying. As a matter of fact, I think that this would be something that I could better discuss with Charlamagne face to face, and as I grow into my woman and as I mature into a better person, I will no longer discuss other people with someone else. I’d rather talk to that person face to face, especially if they have a way they feel about me, or towards me. It’s best if we handle it face to face. And that’s important to me right now.

Peep the clip.



Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta