Lark Voorhies Announces She Has Lupus + Exposes Ex’s Text Messages: I made a huge mistake marrying him.

Lark Voorhies, Jimmy Green

Lark Voorhies, Jimmy Green

Lark Voorhies has taken to Instagram to expose her estranged husband, Jimmy Green. Voorhies posts an alleged text message between the two with the caption:

Further proof that Jimmy has lied about such tape. I’d appreciate an apology from EVERY media outlet and individual(s) who associated themselves with my ex husband to help generate such lies to intentionally hurt me. It Truly isn’t fair that I am being harassed in such a public platform.

I made a huge mistake marrying him but I can assure you that I am of full sound, body, & mind, and I would NEVER put myself into such a risky situation.
Im hoping that this FINALLY puts this rumor to rest so that we may all move forward!

God Bless. LV

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Authored by: Kellie Williams