Teddy Riley Apologizes To Comedian Tony Baker After Telling Him ‘You Still Broke’: I Snapped & I Didn’t Mean To



Teddy Riley Apologizes To Comedian Tony Baker After Telling Him ‘You Still Broke’: I Snapped & I Didn’t Mean To

Longtime music producer Teddy Riley has apologized to comedian Tony Baker after the two exchanged a few words Friday night (June 19th) in the comments of the Verzuz battle between pianists and singers Alicia Keys and John Legend. When Tony Baker noticed that Teddy Riley had joined the nearly 200,000 viewers, he made a comment referencing the infamous sound issues that Teddy Riley had during his own Verzuz battle with fellow music producer and songwriter Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds:

He wrote,

“Teddy Riley pulled up! Let’s pray that we don’t lose the internet connection…”

Teddy didn’t miss a beat and quickly responded to Tony Baker‘s quip, saying that regardless he was still making money despite the jokes.

He replied,

“Tony Baker if you want to continue being funny you got a let Oh jokes become the pass or you will be stuck in the past brother. Grow up and get money! Remind you the jokes Only makes me money but you still broke.”

Not long after the Verzuz battle had ended though, Teddy relented and actually did apologize for his comments. He took to his Instagram page to post a video apology where he sits in what appears to be a white robe and black sunglasses. He captioned the nearly two-minute video simply:

To my brother @tonybakercomedy

Happy Juneteenth!!!! #legacy #legend #teddyriley #unity

In the video, he says that what he does is music and he doesn’t tell jokes, expressed a desire to one day work with comedian, and he explained that he “snapped” and did not mean to.

“I want to say to Tony Baker, my apologies as a brother a brother, you already know that what I do is music. I don’t tell jokes, I don’t do the prank thing. But sometimes when you go to a comedy club or anything you have to able to embrace that. 

He explained,

“I woke up and I wanted to see Alicia Keys and John Legend cause I’m a fan. We all get to be fans. That was my moment to fan out, see my brother and sister do their thing. I wasn’t looking forward to a meme or a comedian to come out and say ‘Teddy Riley’ and then John Legend came out and said some stuff, which is cool. I just… I snapped when it came to Tony and I didn’t mean to.”

He added,

“Today is the day where we uplift, and we push and we encourage… push our families. This nation needs to come together because the moment we do, we’re our strength. My whole goal was to enjoy them an dget ready for bowling tonight and that’s what we’re gonna do.”

He ended with,

“To Tony, I hope we get to work together. Like I said, my apologies to you, and to anybody if it was offensive because that’s not me. I love you all…”

It looks like Tony Baker accepts his apology.

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz