Monyetta Shaw, Christina Johnson & Sheree Buchanan Dish on Sex With Their Exes [VIDEO]

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The exes of Atlanta Exes are letting all their business out. Stopping by Kandi Koated Nights, Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo), Sheree Buchanan (Ray Buchanan’s), and Christina Johnson’s (Cee-lo) dished on their sex lives, their exes, and sex with their exes. With Kandi Burruss and her two cohost taking the lead, it gets juicy as the ladies let their secrets out. Peep a few excerpts.

On Having Sex With Their exes:

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Christina: We hadn’t had sex in over a year. We were divorced for eight years the last time we slept together. Eight years we were divorced but we slept together the whole time. We’re divorced for nine years—In eight years I only dated four people—maybe five. When I was dating them, me and him didn’t [have sex].

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Sheree: I can’t count.

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Monyetta: When we first broke up, we didn’t. We had sex maybe two months after. For a year we didn’t—maybe not a year, like eight months—but I had to get some birthday sex.

(FYI: Her birthday is in June.)

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On if Sheree slept with Usher:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels