(EXCLUSIVE) Pharrell Williams Ex-Business Partner Demands Singer’s Apple Radio Show Stop Filming!

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Pharrell Williams’ ex-business partners have returned to court in their year long legal battle and are demanding the judge order an injunction against the singer/producer from continuing to host his Apple Music radio show — saying he never got their approval and breached the deal he signed with them.

The singer/producer was sued by the production company, Uncommon Content Partners, who produced the singers YouTube show “ARTST TLK“. The show featured celebrity interviews and ran for over 12 episodes in its first season and was set to begin production on a Season 2.

However, the producers explained Pharrell kicked them to the curb when he signed on to become a judge on “The Voice” — despite them investing millions into the YouTube show. They filed suit demanding millions in damages for all the money they lost.

Pharrell said the legal battle was nonsense and the contract he signed had a provision that allowed him to back out of a Season 2 if no schedule could be agreed upon by both parties. He asked the judge to throw out the lawsuit.

Then, the producers fired back in court documents blasting Pharrell as a liar and trying to deceive the court about the terms of the agreement. The company said the agreement specifically states that Pharrell is obligated to complete a 2nd season of the YouTube show and the only provision is they have to agree upon a schedule, but it doesn’t say if they can’t– the singer is allowed to abandon the project.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

The company said that Pharrell clearly does NOT work 24 hours a day 7 days a week on “The Voice” and he could have worked out a schedule with them to fulfill his contract with them for a Season 2.

Pharrell then headed back to court, explaining that the agreement he signed with the production company states that both parties will work together to come up with a shooting schedule that does NOT conflict with Pharrell’s prior professional commitments aka The Voice.

Pharrell said he wasn’t going to just wait around and pass up on the chance to be a judge on The Voice to see if a Season 2 of the YouTube show was going to happen. He also said he wasn’t required to do so and thus be didn’t breach any contract

In response to this, Pharrell’s former business partner returned to court demanding the judge order an injunction to stop the singer’s talk show played on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio program that he launched this year entitled, ‘OTHERtone’.The radio show has Pharrell as the host playing music and interviewing celebrity guests.

His former business partners explain that Pharrell had again breached his deal with them by hosting a talk show in which they didn’t produce. The agreement they signed stated the singer will not provide hosting services to any other show without their consent or approval.

They said Pharrell never informed them about his new Apple Radio show and refused to offer them their right to be producers for the program. The ex-partners demanded damages for the Pharrell’s breach of contract and also an injunction which orders the Apple Radio show to cease filming forever.

Then on January 8th, Pharrell fired back at the producers explaining that the deal did give his ex-partners the right to approve other show projects but also stated they can’t unreasonably withhold consent. The singer says this legal battle had been going on for over a year before his Apple show premiered and the exclusive provisions in their deal had expired long before. Pharrell is demanding the court not order an injunction stopping his show and want his ex-partners shut down.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams