L.A. Reid On Rumored Affair With Chilli + Failing Whitney Houston: ‘I was so naive.’ [VIDEO]

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This week, music mogul L.A. Reid visited The Wendy Williams Show promoting his new book and discussing TLC’s contentious relationship with his ex-wife, asking Mariah Carey to go back into the studio and how he failed Whitney Houston.

When discussing TLC in his book, Wendy asked,”TLC accused Pebbles (L.A.’s ex-wife) of stealing their money, did she steal from them?”

Tionne Watkins (T-Boz), Rozonda Thomas (Chilli)

Tionne Watkins (T-Boz), Rozonda Thomas (Chilli)

To this he responded,

Absolutely not. No one stole from them, they didn’t get paid because they filed their lawsuit before it was time to be paid but they ultimately got paid. First of all, I love them and I really miss Left Eye, she’s incredible. We were all very young at the time, All of us, we just started out label. It was the first time she (Pebbles) managed an artist. The truth is, we were all so young and none of us were particularly sophisticated in business.”

L.A. also addressed the rumors of him and Chilli having an affair while he was married to his ex, Pebbles.

Absolutely not. No. I was very close to Lisa and T-Boz and not nearly as close to Chilli. I think that was a feud between my ex-wife and Chilli that had nothing to do with me.

Whitney Houston circa 2008

Whitney Houston circa 2008

L.A. also revealed that the ‘crack is whack’ Diane Sawyer interview with Whitney Houston was organized by him. He explained that didn’t know how serious her drug problem was,

I was so naive. I didn’t realize that there was an issue. I said let’s get Whitney with Diane Sawyer and promote the album.

He didn’t get the questions for the interview and said he generally doesn’t ask.

She asked her the question about substance abuse and when Whitney said, crack is whack, my mouth dropped. I felt like I really failed her. My job is to protect talent and try to present them in a way that people will love them. My job is not to drum up controversy or drum up gossip.

Check out the interview below:

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Authored by: Kellie Williams