(EXCLUSIVE) Ginuwine Beats Ex-Manager Over Unpaid Music Royalties



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Ginuwine has shut down his ex-manager once and for all in the legal battle in which the singer was accused of refusing to pay over $250k in music royalties to his former manager/producer, with the Federal Appeal court siding with the singer and throwing out the case.

Music producer Robert Reives filed a federal lawsuit against singer Ginuwine – accusing him of screwing him out of over 250k in royalties for his debut album “The Bachelor“. He claimed the singer also owed him commission from the 1.25 mill deal he signed with Sony, due to him being his manager.

Ginuwine blasted his former producer/manager claiming he wasn’t owed and had been paid in full. The singer’s legal team also recently informed the court that Ginuwine was on the verge of bankruptcy following his divorce and owed hundreds of thousands in back taxes.

The federal court judge came back with his decision and sided with Ginuwine. He stated the singer didn’t owe him in commissions. He also said that the agreement they had was mutually abandoned by the both men back in 1996. Further, the judge noted that Reives never raised any issues with the singer about commissions over the years until recently.

Ginuwine Performs at "Lost Angels Industry Night" at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on October 6, 2015

The order dismissed the entire lawsuit against Ginuwine and Reives was awarded nothing. Then shortly after the order was issued, Reives returned to court and filed an appeal demanding the judgement be reversed due to the judge not reviewing the evidence correctly. Ginuwine blasted the appeal and plead with the court to keep the original decision in place.

Then on January 27th, the Appeal Court came back with their decision in the case and sided with Ginuwine. The order says that the district court judge did not abuse its discretion in coming to his decision. Further, the order explains that no error was made in the case and they are affirming the judgement and dismissing the appeal, meaning the case is over once and for all.

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