Amber Rose Won’t Date Anymore NBA Players: They’re airheads.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose On Being A Boss, Blac Chyna & Being Anti NBA Players

In a new interview, Amber Rose dishes on her perfect friendship with Blac Chyna, how she keeps and earns respect with her employees and why she’s done dating basketball players. Check out a few excerpts below.

On becoming a business woman:

Anytime I’m around business people like Puff and Russell Simons anytime I around them I just I pick their brains. How did you start this and how are you a boss? Anytime you can be around successful smart people ask them questions.

Amber Rose Won't Date Anymore NBA Players: They're airheads.

Amber at her Slut Walk

On running a business:

What I learned from really successful people is that when your employees refer to you by Ms. Rose or Ms. Amber, no matter what’s going on if you’re out having drinks or a good time they know you are Ms. Rose and your are a priority and you are always working no matter what. When I’m talking to my employees, I tell them business is business and friendship is friendship and as long as we know how to separate the two we’ll be together forever.

On what she learned about getting respect:

When you are really nice people take advantage of you. And that has happened to me quite a few times as well. But, I just stopped being nice when it comes to business. My personal life me as a friend, I’m the best friend you can have. I’m a great listener. I’ll always be there for you whatever you need. But when if comes to business I don’t have time to be your friend. And I’m a feminist and people will call you a bitch when it comes to business. But guys its like he’s a businessman.

Blac Chyna, Amber Rose

Difficulties on being friends with people in the industry:

Only person on earth that understands what it’s like to be famous. The scrutiny. The misconceptions. The assumptions. [Blac] Chyna is an amazing girl; she’s a sweetheart and I see people saying very negatives things about her, as they do me as well. We’re just cool chicks, we love really hard. We’re not users or manipulators or f*cked up people. We’re just really great people. If anything, it’s easier.

On becoming famous:

Me and Chyna, the things about us and I say this with no pride and no ego. We just had it. We had that it factor because we didn’t ask for. Go out and do interviews. We didn’t like, ‘hey look at me I want to be famous’. It’s wasn’t like that. We fell in love with very famous men at that time a few years ago. Paparazzi would follow us and blogs would post us. And because we date someone that’s famous doesn’t mean we’re famous.

Amber Rose Won't Date Anymore NBA Players: They're airheads.

Val & Amber Rose

On dating Amber Rose:

My lawyer say’s everyone wants to date Amber Rose until they date Amber Rose. I’m not convenient. I run my own business, I have employee’s, and I have a son that I’m very hands on with. I’m not that type of girl you can be like ‘hey I’m going to Vegas tonight fly out.’ I can’t. I have sh*t to do. Then paparazzo is outside my house and they follow me to get a picture. I’m very strong and I’m not easy to deal with.

On her regrets: 

I have no regrets. I’ve definitely made mistakes though 100 percent. Regrets, no. It’s good to make mistakes if you learn from them. I believe you have to make mistakes to grow.

On the love of her life:

Wiz was the love of my life. It was hard because we were both famous. By far, Wiz is the love of my life. I think he needs to be a boss in his own right and I need to be a boss in my own right. It’s not about Wiz, sometimes things just don’t workout.

NBA baller Terrence Ross & Amber Rose

On the type of men she likes: 

I’m attracted to extremely smart men and always have been. I need guys that are articulate and that can teach me something. That’s why I really don’t date ballplayer’s. I’ve tried, but most of them are airheads and I just can’t.

By: @OctaviaNakia

Authored by: TJB Writer