(EXCLUSIVE) Young Buck Accused of Threatening Baby Mama’s Fiance, Violates Probation

Young Buck

Young Buck

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Young Buck (real name David Darnell Brown) is in trouble with the law once again. This time, the 34-year-old rapper who is a member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit, is being accused of violating his probation for threatening the fiancé of one of his baby mamas and he could be thrown back in prison for up to 2 years.

Back in 2012, Young Buck checked in to prison to begin his 18 month sentence for gun possession. He was sentenced to the time following a federal agent raid on his home in 2010, which uncovered multiple guns inside which was illegal due to him being a felon.

The rapper was released from Mississippi prison in October 2013 and has been on probation ever since.

Young Buck hasn’t had a smooth ride while on probation. Back in 2014, he missed 2 drug tests and admitted to screwing up to his P.O. — narrowly escaping being thrown back in prison for his failure to follow his probation terms.

Then last year, Buck was hit with new federal criminal charge by the prosecution for attempting to scheme and fake a urine drug test. The prosecutors accused him of lying to his probation officer about smoking marijuana and using fake urine during a drug test.

The docs noted that Buck used the device consisting of a plastic bag secured under his clothes with a tube to deliver a stream of urine from within the bag into the urine collection cup, to provide a urine sample which was not his own, in an attempt to conceal his drug use.


Last year, Buck reached a plea deal in which he avoided being thrown back in prison by pleading guilty to the charge of attempting to falsify the urine test. Per the agreement, the rapper was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service, pay a fine and continue to be on probation for the next 18 months. He also agreed to complete 30 days at an in-patient treatment center followed by 90 days at a community correction center.

Then on March 18th, docs were filed by the prosecution that allege Buck has once again violated the terms of his probation. They explain that on March 8th, Buck’s probation officer was informed that the rapper had made death threats against another person. The P.O. contacted the alleged victim – the fiancé of one of the rapper’s baby mama – who informed him that Buck was behind on his child support to the baby mama. The man text Buck asking him about the child support owed and told Buck that he was a sad excuse for a father who didn’t care about his daughter.

Buck responded by sending a chain of text that included physical threats against the fiancé. He used foul and derogatory language, calling the victim a racial epithet several times, accused him of being a drug addict, and made several threats to ‘slap the s*** out of him’ and beat him up. He also inquired about where the man’s location was & text he was going to ‘f*** u up”.

The man also informed the P.O. that he believed the rapper was associated with a gang and that this made him fear for his life.

The man also explained he had contacted an attorney and was in the process of contacting the Nashville Police Department to obtain a restraining order and report the threats — they said Buck would be instructed to cease communications with the man.

The rapper claimed to his P.O. that he thought the text were originally from an attorney and that the man even said in one message that a District Attorney was reading the conversation. He believed the victim defrauded him by attempting to portray that he was acting in some sort of official capacity.

Further, the court documents state that Buck has failed one drug test since he reached his plea deal avoiding prison time.

The probation officer filed the docs asking the judge to order Buck to appear in court and explain himself. The P.O. is also asking the judge to find the rapper in violation of his probation, which could have him back in prison for up to 14 months.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams