(EXCLUSIVE) Jeezy Accused of Stealing Music, May Be Hit With $100k Judgement



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jeezy (real name Jay Wayne Jenkins) has failed to address the legal battle accusing him of stealing an another artists music – without ever paying him a dime — and now the musician has headed to court demanding the rapper be slapped with a nearly $100k default judgement.

Last year, a musician/songwriter named Edaz Redden filed a federal lawsuit against rapper Young Jeezy in Illinois, accusing him of stealing his music and passing it off as his own

Redden explained that he wrote a song entitled, “I Ball, I Stunt” back in 2007. He then had the track copyrighted a couple years later.

The musician said he recorded a demo of the track to shop around to artists in 2010. He gave a copy of his music to a man named Kyle Smith, who is close with rapper Scrilla, who used to be signed to Jeezy’s label.

Despite not ever giving Smith any permission to use his track without credit and money, somehow Jeezy got his hands on it and recorded a single by the same name and released it in May 2011.

Redden said the two songs are incredibly similar and share the same chorus, which is the use of “I Ball, I Ball, I Stunt, I Stunt” over and over again. He demanded an injunction against Jeezy from him continuing to sell the song along with damages.



He is demanding an injunction against Jeezy from continuing to sell the music and also damages for the copyright infringement.

The case has been pending for several months without the rapper ever showing up to court to defend himself against the allegations he stole the man’s music.

Then on April 11th, Redden returned to court demanding the judge grant him a default judgement against Jeezy. He explains that the rapper was served with the legal papers but he has blown off the case and never shown up to court to respond to the suit.

Redden is seeking $98,519.29 in damages for the profits he was robbed of by Jeezy along with extra money for attorney fees.

Listen to Jeezy’s I Ball I Stunt feat. Scrilla below.

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Authored by: TJB Writer