(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose Rape Accuser Does Not Want Identity Revealed in $21 Million Lawsuit

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Derrick Rose’s rape accuser is pleading with the court not to reveal her identity in the $21 million dollar lawsuit she filed, claiming the NBA star and his team would ruin her in the press by labeling her a gold digger & “slut” and it would cause her even more emotional distress following the alleged sexual assault.

Rose was sued earlier this year by a woman – who filed the complaint under Jane Joe – accusing the NBA star and two of his friends of drugging her and then gang raping her inside her apartment.

The woman explained she dated Rose from 2011 to 2013 and during the time she said Rose attempted to pressure her into doing various sexual activities such as masturbating on camera, allowing him to have sex with her friends and demanding she participate in group sex.

Then in August 2013, the woman claimed that Rose and his two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, invited her to the NBA star’s L.A. mansion, where she claims someone slipped a drug into her drink, in an attempt to rape her.

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She claimed that she escaped the home with a friend but later in the evening Rose and his friends broke into her home and gang raped her while she was knocked out. The woman filed suit and is demanding $21 million dollar in damages.

The NBA star fired back denying all allegations that he raped his ex-girlfriend and said she gave him and his friends consent to have sex.

Rose claimed that the woman was only upset with him due to her not being reimbursed for sex toys used during the night in question. He said that once he started ignoring her texts, she became even angrier with him. Rose demanded the entire suit be thrown out.

The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase with both sides exchanging documents and taking depositions of the parties involved. Interesting to note , Rose recently demanded the accuser hand over all condoms she kept from the night in question — which she agreed to turn over since she kept the used condoms.

Then on April 26th, the accuser headed to court blasting the NBA star and his legal team for attacking her – the victim – and said their actions were unprofessional and unethical and should not be tolerated by the court.

She says the NBA star has chosen to attack her femininity, morals and character in order to perpetuate incorrect myths about sexual assault. The woman also says that Rose has failed to show why she should have to reveal her name in the lawsuit, something he asked the judge for in the case.

The woman states that if she is forced to reveal her identity then it could prevent other sexual crimes victims from coming forward.

She explains if the court ordered her to be identified it would only further shame, humiliate and embarrass her. Further, the accuser believes the NBA star’s legal team would only use her name being revealed to label her as a slut and gold digger in the press. The woman is demanding the court not order her to reveal her identity and to allow her to continue with the case using Jane Doe.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams