Dej Loaf Releases “Goals” Video [WATCH]

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Rapper Dej Loaf (born Deja Trimble) has dropped her new video for the single, “Goals”. On the track she rhymes:

Stop making promises that you ain’t gon keep
I tried to tell you once before, don’t mean shit to me
If you don’t know me by I don’t know when we gon meet
Got a meeting at 3, studio is at 6
You know exactly where I’m gon be
I’m busy, I’m busy can’t answer my phone

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Check it out below.

The single is off her upcoming mixtape, “All Jokes Aside.”  Along with Goals, she also released two new videos for singles off the mixtape. Currently, she is prepping for her upcoming sophomore album and recently performed at Beyonce’s Formation Concert in Detroit.

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Authored by: TJB Writer