(EXCLUSIVE) Birdman Denies Owing Ex Employee Money



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Cash Money founder Birdman has headed to court in the legal battle filed by an ex-employee – who sued the music mogul for $300k+ due to not be paid his wages or overtime for years and the Cash Money founder is demanding the entire case be thrown out of court.

Here’s the latest: On July 1st, Birdman headed to court blasting his former employee’s lawsuit demanding the whole case be thrown out of court. The music mogul explains that, “there was no written agreement, contract or other signed documents” between him and Nuno. Further, he says that the man is claiming they had an oral agreement over wages.

Birdman explains a “oral agreement” doesn’t hold up in court and the man has no evidence for him accusations that he wasn’t paid hundreds of thousands in pay.

He also points out that Florida law says a person only has a year from the alleged date of non-payment to file a lawsuit over unpaid wages.  As a result, Birdman is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the man not be awarded a dime.

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Here’s the backstory:  Javier Nuno filed suit against Birdman aka Bryan Williams in Miami Court earlier this year. The man explained he worked for the rapper from September 2012 until February 2015. He said that he did not receive payment for all the hours he worked.

Nuno said that he worked out of Birdman’s Florida mansion and his work weeks were 40 hours+. His salary was to be $4k a month and the deal was for $25 an hour.

He accused Birdman of screwing him over by not paying him for his work for years. He calculated the amount of regular time pay he is owed comes to $112k.

That doesn’t even count the unpaid overtime wages he is owed. Nuno claimed he worked 30 overtime hours each week for 112 weeks – for a total of $42k – in which he was employed by the Cash Money honcho.  Nuno filed suit demanding a total of $154k in unliquidated overtime and unpaid wages as well as an equal amount in liquidated damages for a grand total of $308k. The former employee originally sued Birdman in Federal Court last year but he dismissed the case after failing to serve him with the legal papers.


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Authored by: TJB Writer