Michelle Williams Fires Back At Critics Upset W/ Her About Supporting Ex-Fiancé Chad Johnson, Regrets Doing Reality TV

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Fires Back At Critics Upset W/ Her About Supporting Ex-Fiancé Chad Johnson, Admits to Regretting Doing Reality TV

Michelle Williams sent a direct message to the public Wednesday via her Instagram Story. The former Destiny’s Child singer attached a lengthy message about her perspective on social media and why she believes some people need the love of Christ.

Social media really allows you to see how many people really need the love of Christ in their hearts. I don’t understand how people can make such cruel, uninformed, ignorant, dumb, immature comments about people and/or situations you know NOTHING about.

Chad Johnson, Michelle Williams

She added how she believes doing a reality show with her ex-fiancé and pastor Chad Johnson was a mistake.

I will admit, I truly made the mistake of opening up and showing the world parts of me that have been private for 20 years. At the same time I know there are people that have been inspired by what I’ve shared BUT maaaan it sure takes a lot to sift through and horrible things people say.

In another post, she stated her intentions behind coming to the spotlight with her story:

All I’ve ever desired was to be a blessing through my transparency and relationship but a lot of you guys aren’t in a place to receive it and be mature!! The hate and negative things that are the headlines from my ‘brothers and/or sistas’ media sites is NOT cool. I’m still called to love you though.

These lengthy statements follow after Williams showed public support to Johnson in an Instagram post in support of his upcoming retreat he is promoting. Fans of Williams questioned whether they should still be supporting Johnson now that the two have gone their separate ways. Williams responded:

Come on y’all, be nice! I don’t want the message and intention of this post to get lost!! I love y’all so so much!! Now don’t be petty. Y’all gotta be stronger for me so that when I’m tempted to  be petty, I can look to you guys for strength.

Authored by: Andre Palmer