Trump Rep Defends Melania Against Plagiarism Accusations, Other sources say she is “devastated”

Michelle Obama, Melania Trump

Michelle Obama, Melania Trump

Melania Trump delivered the most anticipated speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention last night, but Tuesday morning she was being accused of plagiarizing after it was discovered that portions of her remarks were identical to Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention eight years ago.

Earlier today, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was in Cleveland, where he spoke with Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who defended Melania. Katrina laughed that the word plagiarism was being thrown around, reiterating,

Plagiarism is when you outright copy someone else’s work, these were Republican values… These were values, typical platitudes of success and love of family.

When AJ pointed out that the exact same words were used in the FLOTUS’ speech at the DNC, Pierson responded,

There were probably 50, 60 words that were similar. This was a speech from Melania Trump, who is a private individual, the wife of Donald Trump, who had never given a political speech in her life and those are definitely phrases that resonate with people.

When AJ asked about the reports that Donald is furious with his wife, she commented,

I don’t know if Mr. Trump is furious, but he is concerned.

During the interview, Pierson also turned the tables and put the blame on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. She theorized,

This was obviously pushed out by the Clinton campaign — that’s what they do… this is the political process.

Pierson added,

Here we are talking about Melania Trump and words about life and family and hard work and the criticism of that when you have Hillary Clinton, who lied under oath to Congress about something she did while Secretary of State and a U.S. ambassador died under her watch.

“Extra” also spoke with other sources within the Trump campaign, who argued that Melania herself did nothing wrong, pointing the finger at Trump staffers dropping the ball. An insider said,

They let her down. She went out there and did what they asked. She did a beautiful job. All she wanted to do was make her husband proud.

The source also felt Melania was the victim in all this, revealing,

She’s upset, she’s devastated, she believes in everything she said last night.

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Authored by: TJB Writer