(EXCLUSIVE) Tracy Morgan – Legal Battle Over Massive Wal-Mart Truck Accident Settlement

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Tracy Morgan’s massive settlement check from Wal-Mart – over the tragic truck accident that lead to the comedian being severely injured along with the death of his friend – is the center of a legal battle between the company and their insurance company, who is refusing to pay up to cover the money paid to the ex-SNL star.

Wal-Mart and their insurance The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company are battling it out in Federal Court over who foots the bill on the comedian’s settlement along with other victims and families affected by the accident with a Wal-Mart truck driver, the amount paid out has not been revealed.

The retail story fired back this week to the insurance company’s suit saying they entered into these settlements in good faith and even paid Tracy and the other victims out of their own pockets.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

They explain they clearly had responsibility for the accident, which is why they did the right thing and settled the claims, rather than dragging them out or trying to invent reasons to dispute them — which they accuse their insurance company of doing to them in this case.

Wal-Mart explains four other insurers they have paid out on their policies with the only exception being Ohio Casualty. The insurance company is accusing the company of not getting their approval of the amount of settlement paid to Tracy and the others and therefore they don’t believe they are responsible for the settlement payments.

They state despite the company’s claim, over the course of several months and many emails, dozens of conference calls, and several in-person meetings with the insurers to provide them with all relevant information in their possession. Further, they wanted to explain why the settlement amounts were reasonable based on all the facts and circumstances known to them at the time.

The company explains following the accident, which involved nationally known comedian, actor and author Tracy Morgan, they were threatened with numerous legal actions including one by the Estate of James McNair, the fellow comedian who died in the crash. They say none of the claims against them went to trial, because they choose to settle all of them saying it was a “business decision”.

Wal-Mart accuses the insurance company of being “unnaturally obsessed” with Tracy Morgan’s activity post-settlement, such as the purchase of a new car and him resuming his entertainment career and are demanding the insurance company be ordered to pay the amount covered by the policies they had at the time of the accident.

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Authored by: TJB Writer