(EXCLUSIVE) Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman – Baby Mama Demands Singer’s Child Support NOT Be Lowered

Kyle Norman

Kyle Norman

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman’s baby mama has returned to court demanding the musician’s child support payments not be lowered – from the current $575 a month he is ordered to pay for their son – saying he makes more than enough money from his career to pay for his child’s upbringing.

Earlier this year, the singer’s baby mama – Tabitha Dumas – filed suit against him in Georgia Court demanding he be found in contempt and thrown in jail for owing over $50k in back child support.

Tabitha explained she is seeking to have her monthly child support from the original order requiring Kyle to pay $575 a month. The two were never married but share a son named Kye, who was born in 1999.

She believes that the singer’s income has increased substantially since the judge ordered him to pay the $575. Further, she claimed he owes her $50,750 in back support from 2008 to current.

The baby mama said he was willfully and voluntarily refusing to pay her the full amount per month in support. She said he failed to reimburse her for 72% of their son’s medical expenses too.

She filed suit demanding the child support be increased permanently based on his income along with finding him in contempt and thrown in jail until he pays up on the $50k+ back support.

However, the Georgia Department of Human Services filed a separate court case following Tabitha’s lawsuit explaining they have conducted a review of the original court order which states the singer is to pay the $575 a month to his baby mama and they have come to the conclusion that the child support should be decreased due to Kyle’s current income.

The Department filed the case seeking to have the judge adopt their recommendations and lower the monthly support amount to be paid by the singer.

Tabitha didn’t take this news too well and fired back at the Department’s recommendations and demanded the judge not listen to them.

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Jagged Edge with Jermaine Dupri

She explains Kyle is a member of the R&B group “Jagged Edge”, and is a recording artist, believed to be receiving royalty income as well as income from his membership in that R&B group. Tabitha adds her baby daddy performs on several television shows and receives income from those appearances.

The woman says she already filed a suit against Kyle and that case is still pending and the singer has yet to respond. She says this case is entirely unnecessary since she is already handling the child support issue.

She is demanding the judge not adopt the Agency’s recommendations to lower the support for their son and allow her to continue on with her case against him, along with attorney fees for having to fight in this case.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams