(EXCLUSIVE) T.I. Fires Back At Lawsuit By Ex Employees: It’s not my fault you didn’t get paid!



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, T.I. has headed to court in the legal battle with former employees over $50k in unpaid wages and overtime and the rapper says he isn’t responsible and wants the entire lawsuit against him thrown out of court.

Here’s the latest: On September 15th, T.I. went to court and responded to the allegations by his former employees and demanded the entire case against him be thrown out. The rapper explains he did not exercise control over the nature and structure of the employment relationship or have economic control over them. Further, he says he was not responsible for the day-to-day operations and was not in charge of hiring or firing employees.

He claims the lawsuit doesn’t have any specifics about how he is individually responsible for the alleged allegations. T.I. is demanding he not be held personally liable for unpaid wages they allege to be owed, or for any liquidated or compensatory damages.

Here’s the backstory: Earlier this year, a lawsuit was filed by 12 employees of the rapper’s restaurant Scales 95 in Atlanta. The employees filed suit against T.I. (aka Clifford Harris Jr.), his business partner Charles Hughes and the management group behind the restaurant.

They claimed they all quit their jobs at T.I.’s establishment and accused the restaurant of refusing to give them their last paycheck and even threatened to call the police when they demanded their check.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.36.49 PM

T.I. At Scales 925, Photo: Instagram

Further, the former employees of Scales 925 said their checks would sometimes bounce and Hughes made fraudulent statements to employees about the hours they worked . They claim that they were told to work off the clock for up to 3 hours after they were off.

The suit accused the restaurant of having the employees work more than 40 hours a week, without paying overtime.

They filed suit demanding back pay and unpaid overtime totaling over $50k along with damages for T.I. and his restaurants actions. Scales 925 has also been accused of not paying rent for months and is facing eviction.

T.I. reportedly claimed that he left a manager in charge of Scales 925 and wasn’t aware of the issues going on, because he was focused on his music career and touring.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams