(EXCLUSIVE) Brandy Hit With Counter Suit By Label: We didn’t approve your new music!



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Brandy’s former record label has slapped the singer with a counter-suit over her record deal, accusing her of breaching the deal by releasing music without their approval. They are demanding she be ordered to pay damages for her actions.

Here’s the latest: Chameleon Entertainment responded to Brandy’s lawsuit and counter-sued the singer for releasing music without their approval.

The company denies all of the allegations of wrongdoing in her lawsuit and accused the singer of breaching their deal not them and said any harm caused was her own doing.

Chameleon then counter-sued Brandy explaining everything was fine between them  until it came time to record her second album. They say they both agreed to find a different distributor than RCA/Jive, who they used for the first album.

They requested that Brandy participate in recording additional master recordings and auditions, which she was required to do per their deal.



Brandy refused to cooperate with the company and would not record any new material. She did release a single entitled “Beggin & Pleadin” without their approval and in violation on the contract. They demanded she cease selling the track and informed her they owned all rights to the music.

They filed suit demanding unspecified damages for Brandy’s alleged violation of their agreement, along with the judge throwing out her lawsuit against them.

Brandy responded, demanding their counter-suit be thrown out saying she did nothing wrong by releasing the track without their permission — due to her not owing them any contractual duty after they breached the contract, meaning she could release any music she wanted without consent.

Both suits are still pending in New York Court.

Here’s the backstory: Back in July, Brandy sued her record label, Chameleon Entertainment, demanding the court void her music deal with the company.

The singer explained she signed on with the label in 2011 and was promised hundreds of thousands to cover production costs for recording. She claimed the label covered the expenses for the first album released, but they refused to cover production costs for albums following the first.

Brandy Norwood on Broadway

Brandy Norwood on Broadway

The singer said Chameleon Entertainment attempted to put pressure on her to pursue non-recording projects such as touring and Broadway shows, which caused her career to be jeopardized due to her not releasing new music.

She filed suit demanding to be let out of her contract with the label, along with a judgement awarding her the hundreds of thousands she was promised in the deal.

Her lawyer compared the legal battle to that of Kesha and Dr. Luke, but without the alleged sexual harassment.

Chameleon Entertainment responded to Brandy’s lawsuit, saying it was nothing more than a desperate ploy to drum up publicity for herself. They even said her career was over and they took a risk signing Brandy, who hadn’t had a chart single success in over a decade.

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Authored by: TJB Writer