(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Attempts to Collect $36 Million Judgement From Nick Gordon

(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina's Estate Attempts to Collect $36 Million Judgement From Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Attempts to Collect Judgement

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the estate for Bobbi Kristina has served her then boyfriend with new court papers – following the $36 million dollar victory in their wrongful death lawsuit. They are demanding he hand over all bank records, information on his assets & property and other cash, in hopes they can begin seizing it to collect on their judgement.

Here’s the latest: On December 6th, Bedelia Hargrove, the representative of Bobbi’s estate, headed to court explaining that she has served Nick Gordon with new court docs.

She served him with a post judgement interrogatories and request for production and documents on Nick. The list of documents and information she is demanding he hand over is not listed in the docs. However, she is clearly requesting all information about Gordon’s bank account balances, assets, cash on hand, his current income, the amount he was paid for media interviews and any loans or other gifts he has received.

The questions about his finances are to determine if she will collect the $38 million dollars he owes the estate, which at this point is looking extremely unlikely.

(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina's Estate Attempts to Collect $36 Million Judgement From Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown & Nick Gordon

Here’s the backstory: Last year, the lawyer representing Bobbi Kristina’s estate slapped Gordon with a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit accusing him of injecting her a toxic cocktail which caused her to become unconscious and then he put in face down in the bathtub.

The lawyer said the morning of Bobbi Kristina’s death, Gordon arrived to her home around 6am, after being out all night drinking and doing cocaine. According to the lawsuit, the estate believes Gordon came home and started berating Bobbi Kristina and accusing her of cheating on him along, with calling her a “whore”.

At some point during the fight, the estate claims Gordon provided her with the deadly cocktail that rendered her unconscious. He proceeded to place her face down in the tub which was filled with cold water. After he placed her in the bathroom he went to his room to flirt with another female guest.

(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina's Estate Attempts to Collect $36 Million Judgement From Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon

Then 15 minutes later, another house guest discovered Bobbi Kristina’s body in the tub. The estate pointed out that Bobbi also had one of her teeth hanging loosely from her mouth, indicating she had also been injured.

Gordon denied any wrongdoing and the autopsy report stated there were no signs of foul play, which he believed proved his innocence.

Nick Gordon blew off the lawsuit and never showed up to court nor responded to the allegations he contributed to Bobbi Kristina’s death.

The trial proceeded without Gordon present and Bobby Brown even took the stand to give tearful testimony about his late daughter.

The judge found Gordon liable for the death and ordered him to pay $36,000,000 to the estate of Bobbi Kristina, including $1.3 mill for assault and battery/medical damages an additional $4.2 million (because when he assaulted her he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and $13 million for pain and suffering + $15 million for loss of life and loss of future potential income.

Following the verdict, it was reported that Gordon had no plans to pay the $36 million judgement. Sources close to him claimed he wasn’t even working at the moment and any money he had went to pay his criminal lawyers, due to him still being under investigation for Bobbi’s death.

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