Tyga – I Helped Kylie Jenner w/ Her Lip Kits!

Tyga Says He’s Responsible For Kylie Jenner’s Faux Black Persona & Claims He Helped With Her Lip Kits

It looks like you have Tyga to thank for Kylie Jenner‘s colorful weaves, inflated lips, and overall fake black persona. According to the “Taste” rapper, he was the reason Kylie adopted blackness in the first place. Tyga was a guest on this week’s episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio on Beats 1. When the subject of his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner came up, Tyga tells Nicki that he was a huge part of Kylie’s public personality change.

“You gotta look at the before and after. She always had a platform and she was always destined to be what she was going to be regardless, but, when I stepped in, there was a lot of codes being taught. It was like, you could do this, you should start this, you should start doing your hair like this, you should add that because you need black people to fuck with you cause you need culture. If you ain’t got black people behind you, you ain’t got nothing.”

Tyga continued,

“I had a lot to do with all that, which I don’t need credit for.”

Tyga also tells Nicki that he helped Kylie with her near-billion-dollar lip kit business.

“I don’t need to go online and tell people I did this and I’m the one that helped her come up with these colors and names on her…what is it, the lip line things? It was a lot of stuff.” 

When asked if he missed Kylie, Tyga answered with Future’s infamous line,

“Nah, I’m good luv, enjoy!”

As far as his thoughts on Kylie’s relationship with Travis Scott, Tyga says he has no issue with the Astroworld rapper.

“We ain’t got no beef. It’s his time right now. You gotta let it ride. I ain’t got no beef with him”.

Authored by: Eleven8