(EXCLUSIVE) Lil Mo Was NOT Fired Over Spike Lee/Chrisette Michele Controversy, She Speaks Out

Lil Mo Fired From Radio Show, See Her Reaction

Lil Mo Fired From Radio Show

Update: theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Lil Mo’s radio termination had nothing to do with the Spike Lee and Chrisette Michele controversy. Sources tell us,

She was fired over un-professionalism and it has nothing to do with her comments she made about Spike Lee, over Chrisette [Michele].

Sources add,

She’s super talented and gave lots of energy on-air, but there was another side that was alarming to the station. Some of the things she said on social media to people, were sending red flags. She also handled a few situations totally inappropriate and it was starting to become more of a hazard.

Lil Mo

Mo also explained why she was fired. She stated,

Alhamdulillah for everything. You think you know. But let ME tell it!! When God removes YOU don’t you ever question, just GO!!!!! People wish they could escape but they are stuck. And that is what makes situations TOXIC!! I tried to be Harriet Tubman and shit because I listened to the daily woes and how much they would complain. Yet they stay. ? in that I realized some things are ALL some people have. I talk to God ALOT. Like how I talk to YOU. I be cussin and I say OOPS sorry you know my ??. My truest ambition is to help and to sing. I had to choose. Thank you @mznatina for saving me from doing something DUMB. ?? thanks to all that reached out. Thanks to my past, you didn’t break me. You PUSHED me to be better. I use to be sooooo scared of success. It is not measured by what one has but it is what one is willing to sacrifice. I became complacent with a JOB to have legit paperwork. But NOTHING I’ve acquired came from that. I was and will always be LIL MO. That’s my REAL job. I accept and am actually relieved by the fact someone leaked an email that was supposed to be confidential. That goes to show I was amongst ??. I would NEVER leak what I have in my possession. But I will damn sure send to someone else to ?. Nah but in reality it’s time for me to level up. I’m NO fool. I’ve been through worse, from greater.. I’m actually wiser than I even give myself credit for. I have an amazing heart and great ideas. Believe me, you will be peeking. Numbers don’t lie. Love always, Meezy ?

Here’s the backstory: Not so good news for the DMV. Lil Mo has been fired from the ‘Fam In the Morning’ radio show on WKYS 93.9 in Washington, DC. She co-hosted the popular morning show with DJ Quick Silva. She announced that she had been fired on social media. Posting a flyer promoting a party, she wrote:

Since I GOT FIRED and was HUMBLY REQUESTED “please don’t disparage us on social media”. Chowwwwww people are WEIRD AF!! So JUST KNOW Bitch we turning up!! Ima drink my damn pain away and i may leak these INCRIMINATING text messages while I pour out some liquor for erbody that’s finna get LAID OFF ?!! Nah.

Lil Mo Fired From Radio Show, See Her Reaction

She also posted another message alluding to her being axed.

And check out a few comments that she responded to below.



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