Orlando Brown Insists Trey Songz Is Gay: He’s a [email protected]! [VIDEO]

Orlando Brown Insists Trey Songz Is Gay: He's a f@g!

Orlando Brown Calls Trey Songz Gay

Orlando Brown is back at it again. The former child star, has returned to social media with another bizarre video. Last night, he posted a clip, discussing the controversy surrounding Keke Palmer and Trey Songz [click here for the back story]. In the clip, Orlando insists that Trey Songz had no interest in Keke because he claims the singer is gay. He says,

Everybody knows Trey Songz sucks d*ck. He didn’t want you. You and I both know Keke, that…was the gag. He’s a f*g and I don’t have nothing against you people that do the broken wrist sh*t.

He continues.


Authored by: Kellie Williams