Texas High School Forced To Postpone Graduation After Only 5 Students Were Reportedly Found Eligible To Graduate

Marlin High School

Texas High School Forced To Postpone Graduation After Only 5 Students Were Reportedly Found Eligible To Graduate

Parents of seniors at Marlin High School are outraged.

According to reports, the Texas institution’s leaders are under fire after it was discovered that only 5 of the 33 seniors were eligible to graduate.

Reportedly, officials running the school located in Marlin, Texas sent letters to parents of the senior class only a few days before the scheduled graduation, notifying them of their child’s inability to participate. It’s reported that issues pertaining to the students’ grades and attendance caused 28 of the 33 supposed graduates to fall out of compliance with the state’s requirement for graduation, leaving only 5 students ready to walk the stage. However, a recent update to the story reported that the number has since improved to 17.

To rectify the situation, the school announced they’ll be pushing the ceremony to a later date in June to give students more time to turn in work and receive extra credit opportunities. The school’s Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson reportedly released a statement as the news began making headlines, stating:

“We hold firm to our belief that every student in Marlin ISD can and will achieve their potential. We maintain high expectations, not as an imposition, but as a show of faith in our students abilities…As we navigate these challenges, one thing is clear: students in Marlin ISD will be held to the same high standard as any other student in Texas,”

Some students interviewed stated that they were shocked to learn they wouldn’t be graduating. One reportedly stated:

”They’re saying that I’m missing an elective class, but with that I don’t understand because in 9th grade I took a typing class,”

And another added:

”It’s a bag of emotions, anxiety and a bit of disappointment,” 

A mandatory senior parent meeting was subsequently scheduled, where parents threw the majority of the blame on the administrators. According to the guardians, poor actions from leadership — such as last-minute policy changes, lack of communication, and administrative error — are the reasons for such a disaster. Thankfully, following the heated exchange, parents and educators were able to have some productive dialogue and plan to work together to avoid any other conflicts such as this in the future.

The exact date of the rescheduled graduation has not yet been released.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson