1st Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay Will Not Pick A Man Based On Race

1st Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay Will Not Pick A Man Based On Race

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay Will Not Pick A Man Based On Race

The journey to love is never an easy one and especially when you’re looking for it on live television. That’s the journey 31-year-old Rachel Lindsay took when she decided to join the latest season of ABC’s The Bachelor to win the heart of Nick Viall. Rachel made it to the top three before being eliminated, but before the episode ever aired the civil rights attorney was announced as the next Bachelorette of the highly popular dating series.

Lindsay makes history as the first Black woman lead of the entire series for both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The attorney recently opened up about her experience, sharing that she would be lying if she didn’t say that she felt pressure.

In a new interview, Lindsay dishes on why being chosen as the next Bachelorette is an honor, how her law firm and family supports her decision on being apart of the dating series and her journey to finding the right man regardless of race. Peep some excerpts.

On being the first:

To be the first African-American woman is a beautiful thing. I’m honored and humbled to be the one chosen. Because that’s how I feel: like I was chosen to be in this role.

1st Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay Will Not Pick A Man Based On Race

On whether or not she will chose a black man as her final choice on the series: 

That is a very common question that I get from black people. Honestly, I don’t want to go into this process with any preconceived notions or any pressures to do something for somebody else. I hate to sound selfish, but it’s my process. It’s my journey in finding love. And whether that person is black, white, red, whatever — it’s my journey. I’m not choosing a man for America, I’m choosing a man for me.

On her being casted as the first Black Bachelorette being meant to be: 

I know there are going to be people who criticize what I do no matter what, but I’m just trying to not get caught up in it. I feel like it was meant to be and that outweighs any fear or pressure that I have in being the first African-American Bachelorette.

On her hopes for the upcoming cast: 

I’m hoping that as a black Bachelorette you’re going to get to see a more diverse cast, a cast that’s reflective of what America looks like. And not just Bachelor Nation or whatever else, but what America looks like.

On the announcement: 

It wasn’t official until right before the announcement [on Jimmy Kimmel Live!]. I was approached not too long after I was let go, but I didn’t believe it. Talks kind of ceased and then it picked up again, and I  started to begin the conversation of possibly being the Bachelorette.

1st Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay Will Not Pick A Man Based On Race

On the support from her law firm: 

I support the loyalty that they’ve given me — it’s very rare, especially in my profession, that you find people who are not just supportive of who you are as a person, but supportive of you finding love and your happiness.

On having the support from her father: 

My dad is very supportive about me being the Bachelorette. He realizes what an amazing experience it is. And then seeing how I was portrayed on Nick’s season, I think it took away the skepticism that he had about the unknown.

The premiere date of the new season has yet to be announced.

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