Fetty Wap’s Ex Alexis Skyy: He cheated on me with Masika Kaylsha on my birthday.

Fetty Wap's Ex Alexis Skyy: He cheated on me with Masika Kaylsha on my birthday.

Alexis Skyy, Fetty Wap, Masika Kalysha

Alexis Skyy Says Fetty Wap Cheated On Her Birthday With Masika

With over 360,000 Instagram followers Alexis Skyy continues to reign in the social atmosphere. Alexis, who is the ex-girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap, is sharing the details on what really caused the pair to split. The very public relationship turned sour in a New York minute as Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha got added into the mix. Alexis dished on her relationship with Fetty, giving up her life for love, and dealing with social media trolls. Peep the excepts below.

Fetty Wap's Ex Alexis Skyy: He cheated on me with Masika Kaylsha on my birthday.

Alexis Skyy

On Being A Hustler:

I left the house at 15. I was in the streets. I was hustling. Wanted to be grown. I came from a Caribbean family. I’ve seen it all, been there done that. Can’t nobody run game on me.

On Social Media Haters:

At first, I used to get upset about things, but if I wake up every day thinking about what the world thinks about me then I wouldn’t be who I am. I would probably kill myself by now. People tell me to die every day. I’ve just built this layer of skin, of toughness. So I don’t let it get to me at all.

On Giving Up Her Life For Love:

I was in a relationship and I basically stopped my whole life for a man. We’ve been through our ups and downs. He’s not a bad person. It’s just, you know how the industry is and I gave my heart to him and I felt like he abused the situation. Broke me down in so many ways. But I’m building myself back up to who I was before. That was the most pain that I’ve ever went through. I basically was living for him and trying to make him happy.

On Gossip Ruining Their Relationship:

As time went by, money really changes people and I could see that. He was good to me. It was just the lifestyle affected us. The Instagram, the blogs — we allowed the outside world to come between us.

Fetty Wap's Ex Alexis Skyy: He cheated on me with Masika Kaylsha on my birthday.

Fetty Wap

On Fetty Wap’s Infidelity:

He cheated on me with Masika on my birthday actually. On my 21st birthday, she got pregnant. She knew Fetty was my man, but you know, Hoe-sika basically likes to go around and sleep with everybody’s man. But she has the wrong one. She did that. They messed around on my 21st birthday and she purposely leaked the Snapchat of them being in the hotel room. So that was my gift and then when I was in surgery getting my implants she actually had the baby on the day I had my surgery.

Masika Kaylsha

On Masika Coming in Between Her and Fetty:

Through the two years in my relationship, she caused so much hell. Always worried about me because she wanted to be with him. But you did it all wrong. You thought keeping a baby was going to keep him. No, that was my man.

On Her Own Possible Pregnancy:

I don’t want to talk about that. We are going to save that story. It’s a very emotional topic.

Her Reaction To Masika’s Pregnancy:

It was emotional for me. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She posted a picture. Mind you I’m still in my relationship. We just moved in a house. Fairytale. I’m driving one day and I’m on Instagram like “What?” I thought I was about to die. I had to stop my car and I see a picture of her.

Alexis Skyy will be on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.


Authored by: Kellie Williams