Carmelo Anthony’s Pregnant Side Chick Is NOT A Stripper, Lala Moved Out Months Ago [Ovary Hustlin’]

Carmelo Anthony's Pregnant Side Chick Is NOT A Stripper, Lala Anthony Moved Out Months Ago

Carmelo’s Pregnant Side Chick Is NOT A Stripper

The speculation continues surrounding Carmelo and Lala Anthony. According to a new report, the NBA star did NOT impregnate a stripper. A source says,

The stripper pregnancy rumor is not true. Yes he’s not been perfect, but the baby with a stripper isn’t true.

As previously reported, a NYC stripper is said to be 6 months pregnant by Carmelo. A source close to La La says:

La La doesn’t want to deal with all of these rumors … she doesn’t want to focus on any of it at the moment … She’ll deal with it when it all comes down. The cheating rumors have always been out there and the majority will talk about the rumors over and over. She’s waiting on his team to respond and decide how to handle the rumors.

On Tuesday (April 18th), Lala was spotted out by photogs, without her wedding ring.

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According to Baller Alert, Carmelo impregnated another woman, but she’s not a stripper. The alleged woman is said to be 25 years old, is from Chicago and has a Master’s degree.

Baller Mail – Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Side Chick Is Not A New York Stripper & Is Having A Baby Girl – blogged by: @eleven8 ????????? ????????? Earlier today, news broke that #CarmeloAnthony and his wife, #Lala, had split, due to the possibility of an outside child. Initial reports did not name the woman, but said that she was a stripper in #NewYork. According to a loyal Baller Alert reader, that information is not true. Here’s the little bit of information they provided. ????????? ????????? Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. ????????? ????????? “You all have the wrong story on the girl Melo knocked up. She’s not a stripper or from New York. She’s 25 and from Chicago. I have pictures of her. She has a master’s degree and is in social work. She’s due in July and it’s a girl. We have mutual friends. Also, Melo isn’t the first celeb she’s been with.” #ballermail

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According to a separate report, Carmelo and Lala have lived separately for months. It is also rumored that Carmelo had cheated for years and would allegedly justify it to his friends by saying,

La La is married, I’m not.

One source said,

Melo’s tagline was, ‘She’s married, I’m not.’ That’s how he would justify it. His attitude is that all professional athletes do it, and many of them do. La La has put up with a lot. She knew it was going on, but I guess this time she’s had enough.

Carmelo nor Lala have yet to comment publicly about their relationship status. Photo: Baller Alert

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