Jeannie Mai Reveals She ‘Almost Died’ After Recent Health Scare: I Was Not Focused On Saving My Life

Jeannie Mai Reveals She ‘Almost Died’ After Recent Health Scare: I Was Not Focused On Saving My Life

Jeannie Mai is back in full swing after undergoing serious surgery for a throat condition and being forced to exit Dancing With The Stars. 

Now, Jeannie Mai has revealed that trying to compete on the show nearly cost her her life.

She said on her YouTube series Hello Hunay in an episode she titled “I Almost Died”:

” I saw a doctor who correctly diagnosed me and saved me from possibly losing my ability to breathe. I’m going to be honest with you. Even when I was diagnosed, I did not take it seriously. I was not focused on saving my life, I was focused on competing in Dancing With the Stars.”

She continued:

“I’m gonna keep it trill, we really thought we could take that mirrorball,” she continues. “I got sick, but it was just, what I thought, a sore throat. That morning that I felt my sore throat I went to go rehearse with [my ‘DWTS’ partner] Brandon [Armstrong] at 7 in the morning and I was very tired but I had a long day of shooting after that. I went from Brandon’s rehearsal then to a long shoot that was freezing cold where the illness I had quickly caught on and got worse because I was sitting under an air conditioning vent that just got me freezing cold and made me plummet into actually getting sick.”

She said he was initially diagnosed with a simple sore throat, but things only worsened, to the point where she woke up and couldn’t breathe.

“I was literally like gasping for air. I don’t want to wake up [Jeezy] so I crawl out of bed, I go and grab some Aspirin to reduce the swelling … the Aspirin sticks on the back of my tongue and doesn’t go down because there’s no hole.”

She said she was ultimately diagnosed correctly and had to undergo surgery:

“I obliged, because of J, went there and found out that my throat was going to close in the next few hours. I called Brandon and was so upset. Was absolutely enraged in tears, like, ‘They’re making me do this, I’m so sorry.” 

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Authored by: Char Patterson