Desiigner On Being Compared To Future, Gun Arrest & Beef w/ NY Radio

Desiigner On Future Comparisons, Gun Arrest & 'F*ck NY Radio' Stance


Desiigner On Future Comparisons, Gun Arrest & Beef w/ NY Radio

There aren’t too many rappers today with stage presence and whose energy level is thru the roof during their performances like Desiigner. The New York emcee gained a massive fan base after dropping his hit single ‘Panda’ which landed a number one spot on the Billboard charts.

The infectious single appeared everywhere from people creating their own videos with Panda gear to freestyles offering a verse of their own from hip hop giants and unknowns. But all that buzz seemed to come to a halt and many fans were wondering if his fame had ended entirely.

The head-bopping, energetic rapper is back with a forthcoming album in July entitled “The Life of Desiigner” and more singles to prove his longevity in the game. The now 20-year-old assures his fans that he is here to stay for a while and has grown a lot since the hype of the track that earned him the recognition, admitting that he was “spoiled” for a while because of the success from Panda. Now he knows that patience is key with his new lineup of records and to not always expect instant fame.

In a recent interview, Desiigner addresses comparisons to Future, how he inked a deal with Kanye West, offensive statements about New York radio and his arrest on gun and drug charges. Peep the excerpts below.

On gaining the attention of Kanye West and how he heard Panda record:

It was crazy, what we did was, I had a record out and everyone was going nuts. I wound up being in a record label bidding war, 11 record label bidding war, every night, we in Rossana… then after that, it was like one night we just wound up going home, Ye called, Good Music called. And that was it from then.

On Future’s influence on Desiigner:

I heard his music. He makes beautiful music, ya know what I’m saying. I’m a big fan of Travis Scott though, ultra fan of Travis and it’s just like who I am. I’m harmony God and just make it happen.

On meeting Future, comparison to him and Future throwing shots:

I’ve seen him a couple of times. Ya know, it had to be something going on in the spot. Ya know, Desiigner too hot, we done shined it down. I went diamond, went platinum. Nah man [on comparison], do I sound like him? I don’t care. It [Panda] sold 10 million and better.

On “F-ck NY Radio” tweet and its offensiveness:

Because I want more play. That’s exactly why I said that. I ain’t gonna lie, honestly, I understand and I took it down. It probably just was a bitch moment. I was on some shit like ‘I wanna make it better’ because that’s not my vibe.

On arrest and being charged with drugs and guns:

I ain’t even gonna lie, I knew it was b.s. They had us in the precinct for like three days, man, for no reason. They was back there taking pictures of me, talking about ‘the panda is in the cage’ and all types of wild stuff. There was nothing in the car.

By: @Ike_Morgan

Authored by: Kellie Williams