(EXCLUSIVE) YG Blasts Ex Friend Over Royalties Lawsuit


YG Blasts Ex Friend Over Royalties Lawsuit

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, YG is blasting the ex-friend who sued him, accusing him of screwing him out of royalties – with the rapper heading to court saying he doesn’t owe the man a dime.

Here’s the latest: On May 25th, YG headed to court firing back at his former producer’s (Richard Russell) lawsuit denying all allegations of screwing him out of money. The rapper denies he owes the man from his music royalties, arguing the sample of Russell that he used in the song is considered fair use.

YG says he even has a valid license to exploit the material. He is demanding the suit be tossed and Russell cover his legal bills.

Here’s the backstory: Henry Richard Russell sued YG, DJ Mustard and Universal Music Group. He explained he was introduced to YG back in 2014 and the two began friends and associated together in the hip hop music circle.

The rapper asked Russell while recording his first album “My Krazy Life” if he would like to collaborate with him on his album and if he could use some of his previously created material to use in his tracks.

At the time, he said YG was unknown and for this reason, did not have the resources to pay Russell. The rapper promised he would compensate him when the royalties came in. The two agreed on the terms and YG used Russell’s poems/words, as well as voice and performance on the album.

He also performed a poem in the song “Who Do you Love” featuring Drake, due to YG promising to pay him from the royalties. Russell sued saying he never received a dime from YG for his work despite numerous demands for his cut of the profits.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams