Mo’Nique Says Tyler Perry Was Shocked At How Little Taraji P. Henson Made In Hollywood

Mo'Nique Says Tyler Perry Was Shocked At How Little Taraji P. Henson Made In Hollywood

Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson

Tyler Perry Was Shocked At How Little Taraji P. Henson Made

Comedian and actress, Mo’Nique, and her husband Sydney Hicks continue to make headlines. Over the past few weeks, Mo’Nique has remained in the news for blasting Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry, during one of her stand-up routines. During one of her periscope’s, she and her husband further explain what their conversation with Tyler Perry was like. During the conversation, Mo’Nique says that Tyler stated that he was shocked to learn just how little A-list African American actresses (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, etc.) are paid in Hollywood. Check out a few excerpts of the conversation below.

On how the issues with Tyler Perry began:

Sydney: We shared with him what you can do to stop it, is tell the truth about the situation. And he’s like, ‘well how’s that?’ At that point, Mo’Nique began to share with him, where she had her problem with Tyler to start off with. It was with David Tolbert, where he saw David in Los Angeles and pulled David up and asked him how was his experiences with Mo’Nique on [the film] “Almost Christmas.” And he said that because his experiences with Mo’Nique didn’t go so well.

David says, ‘that wasn’t my experience it was incredible. I had a great time, she was a pro at what she did.’ [Tyler] ‘Oh ok, I’m glad to hear that because that wasn’t my experience.’ And he says to us ‘Cause that wasn’t my experience with the movie.’ So we then he said to Tyler ‘let me ask you a question? Because, when you lumped Mo’Nique in with the movie, that sounds a little bit different from you saying that you have a problem with Mo’Nique.’

On Tyler Perry’s issues with the movie: 

Sydney: He had issues with Lee Daniels and they were going back and forth. Which we had shared with you last week, how Lee had called us up to say how he hated brother Tyler because he is trying to steal, as he put it so eloquently “my mothaf*ckin movie.” Then brother Tyler had called and said nothing as harsh but he said ‘I can’t stand Lee, but I have to admit that he’s talented in the midst of our conversations.’ So then Tyler shared, that by the time he got to Mo’Nique and then not promoting the movie he was fed up, so it didn’t really matter to him why she didn’t do it. What mattered to him was that he was trying to form this relationship with Lionsgate. This was something he took to them and now the movie cost more than he expected. And the relationship he was having with Lee was going awry and now you’re not promoting the movie.

At that point we said,’You just named three things, and two-thirds of the three things that you spoke about have absolutely nothing to do with Mo’Nique as it pertains to your frustration.’

Taraji P. Henson

On the issues of Black actresses and their salaries:

Monique: [Tyler said to Monique] You said to me ‘if you get nominated, your next movie is between $3-5 million. If you win it, your next film is $6-8 [million].’ I said ‘N*gga that’s why you ain’t called on me because you know I know the words you said.’ And then he said ‘When I really found out what the numbers were.’ I said “N*gga, I told you in Vegas, when you was running the numbers down to me, I said Tyler ‘you talking to a black woman. So, why you trying to run the numbers down to me. Me and you both know what this is.’

On Tyler’s reaction to the salaries of black actresses in Hollywood:

Monique: [Tyler said to Monique] When he said ‘I was shocked to know what y’all quotes are. I was shocked to know what Taraji P. Henson’s quote is and what Octavia [Spencer’s] quote is. I was shocked to know how low their quotes are. I then said, ‘Well Tyler, you’re in the position to pay us fairly. See the quotes you gave us, they were right, but that’s what our white sisters are getting. So now you’re in the position to pay us fairly.

See Taraji P. Henson in my humble opinion, she should be the highest paid in Hollywood. Or one of them, because this sister broke records around the world.’ What Tyler Perry said was ‘I’m paying Taraji more than she’s ever made’ and I said ‘but are you paying her fairly?'”

Watch the full clip below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams