Bill Maher’s Ex Says He’s Not Racist, Hints He’s Used N-Word Before

Bill Maher's Ex Says He's Not Racist, Hints He's Used N-Word Before

Bill Maher’s Ex Speaks Out

Bill Maher’s ex girlfriend, Coco Johnsen hints that she may have heard the comedian say the n-word in the past. As you know, Maher recently made headlines for using the word while interviewing a senator on his HBO show. [Click here for the backstory.] Photogs recently caught Coco at the airport and asked her how she felt about the situation. She stated,

I just think that anyone that uses the N-word is very insensitive and just use another word next time. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.

When asked if she’s heard Bill say it before, she wouldn’t answer directly but said,

I mean, I’ve heard the word many times. I don’t want to say exactly from where, but I’ve heard it many times and I just think that anyone that uses that word – you really need to use other vocabulary. If you’re an educated person, there are many other words you can use.

Bill Maher's Ex Says He's Not Racist, Hints He's Used N-Word Before

Bill Maher

She added that she was surprised that

Someone so intelligent could stoop to that level.

However, Coco doesn’t feel that Bill is racist.

I wouldn’t say that he’s racist, I would say that maybe he used the word — for some shock value….and I don’t think he believed that he would get the backlash that he’s gotten.

According to reports,

Coco and Bill dated for a year-and-a-half and subsequently sued him for $9 million for not following through on his alleged promise to marry her. She also claimed he verbally abused her with degrading racial comments. The case later was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Here’s an old clip of Maher dropping the N-word on his show.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams