EXCLUSIVE: Warren Sapp Accused of Avoiding Lawsuit By Alleged Assault Victim

Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp Accused of Avoiding Lawsuit By Assault Victim

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Warren Sapp is being accused by his alleged assault victim of evading service of legal docs, which stem from the lawsuit filed by the woman seeking damages for serious injuries. She has headed back to court pleading with the judge for assistance.

Here’s the latest: On June 22nd, Paula Trickey returned to court filing docs pleading for more time to serve Sapp with the legal papers. She says since filing her lawsuit she has hired multiple process servers to try and find Sapp. However, she claims despite her exhaustive efforts to serve him, she has been unable to do so. She accuses the former NFL’er of actively avoiding service in an attempt to avoid dealing with the lawsuit. The judge granted her motion and signed off on giving her another 120 days to find Sapp before the lawsuit can proceed.

Here’s the backstory: Earlier this year, Sapp was sued by actress Paula Trickey in Florida
Court accusing him of assault. Trickey said she was at an ESPN Super Bowl Part in Scottsdale,
Arizona, which Sapp was in attendance. She claimed the ex-NFL star was drunk and got kicked out of the party when he began running through the crowd of people and slammed into her. As a result, Trickey says she suffered serious injuries from the collision including significant and permanent loss of bodily functions. She filed suit seeking in excess of $15,000. Sapp has yet to respond to the lawsuit in court. However, he did tweet following the lawsuit being filed,

It’s impossible to be @ 2 places at 1 time.

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Authored by: TJB Writer